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r4isdhcds | 18.4.2013 | Kommentare (0)


What Is An R4 Card

If you have not heard of the new R4 or R4i SDHC card for your Nintendo DS, you do not know what you are missing out on. These memory cards are changing the gaming industry. Have you ever wanted your Nintendo DS to do more than just play games? Well, now you can transform for your gaming devices into a music and video player with a simple R4i SDHC. In this article, I will discuss how this little devices is revolutionizing the industry.

Made for Nintendo DS

The R4 and R4i SDHC cards are developed to serve as memory cards to be used with Nintendo DS gaming systems. Just in case you did not know, a Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming console. The R4 cards allow the gaming console to hold more information and enhance the usability.

One of the best benefits to the R4 Card is that they are rewriteable. There are hundreds of DS games that can be downloaded and the R4 allows you to play them and once you are finished you can delete it to make more room for the next one.

The R4 Card allow you to load amateur created software and games, as well as music and videos to be played on your DS. Other than the sheer beauty of being able to play more games on your gaming system, the cards are the same size as the original memory cartridge.

This you will not need to have any bulking add-ons hanging of the side of your system. With that being said, you will need to have a reader, USB hub, and software.

Most Nintendo DS systems are packaged with a MicroSD reader, protective and software to install on your home computer or laptop. You should know that the R4i SDHC card does not interface with your system, but in order to transfer the programs from your system to the memory card you must install the appropriate program.

Buying a R4 card

This also means that any programs that you have created or programs that may emulate Nintendo DS games are compatible. No all of the emulated games are compatible at this time, but it is said that eventually,R4 developers and testers will be releasing fixes and patches to provide solutions to this problem.

If you think you may want to buy a R4 Card, here is one thing that you should be aware of. There are three different types of memory cards for the Nintendo DS. You will have the original card that came with the device when you purchased it, and the R4 and R4I SDHC card are the other two.

The difference in the two is that the R4 can only be used in Slot 2, but must be used with an EZ- Flash or similar device. On the other hand, the R4i SDHC can be used in Slot 1 without any additional devices.

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